Signifi's A.I. Smart Fridge

An Intelligent Solution
to Deliver a Grab-and-Go Experience


Intelligent Food Vending — Anywhere, Everywhere

Food vending meets the future, thanks to the A.I. Smart Fridge from Signifi. 

Serve and engage your customers with a self-serve and self-checkout experience that’s fast, seamless, and convenient — while giving your business a menu of strategic options and features including big data capabilities, computer vision, and advertising integration.

The power of next-generation food service technology is here.

And it’s ready to replace traditional vending machines everywhere: offices, gyms, pharmacies, clinics, airports, stadiums, gas stations, stores … and beyond. 

How does the Smart Fridge work? 

Our state-of-the-art food vending system identifies unique customers through their payment method. Once the vending machine confirms their identity, the door unlocks and consumers can choose their item(s). 

From there, the Smart Fridge monitors the customer’s activity — in part using its computer vision capabilities — and only charges them for the items they take away.

Our Technology, Made for you

Catering to all businesses with a suite of intelligent features 

Signifi food-vending solutions are designed with features that cater to the widest possible range of settings, merchandise and use cases — but they’re also customizable to meet your particular needs. 

Yes, our Smart Fridge offers all of this: 


Multi-sensor capabilities: computer vision and weight


Optional voice assistance and age verification


Optional data analytics


Optional video advertising


White label payment app and portal


Centrally controlled vendor management system (VMS)


Internet of Things capabilities

Get The Signifi Advantage Now

Signifi's AI-enabled Smart Fridge can capture insights from real-time inventory data, allow seamless self-checkout, and create an optimally quick grab-and-go meal experience for customers or employees. 
Our smart food-vending technology is not only future-ready, it’s ready for quick and easy deployment to boost your business now.

Accuracy rate >99%

Our Smart Fridge has almost perfect accuracy when it comes to delivering the correct item, thanks to active computer vision (CV) technology that recognizes the selected products in real-time. CV also acts as an anti-theft measure 

Integrated 55" screen for advertising

Configure your Smart Fridge with a screen to catch customers’ eyes, broadcast specials or other customer-oriented information — or add advertising as an additional revenue stream.

Intelligent operation

Our fully integrated vendor management system provides real-time operational data and analytics; merchandise and price changes are displayed to you through a mobile, allowing you to track inventory and schedule replenishment anytime, anywhere — as well as receive analytics for business intelligence insights.

Easy deployment

Deploy a fully integrated new smart cabinet or upgrade your existing cabinets or coolers with our intelligent retailing retrofit kit.

Smart display

Customizable merchandising options work for any product category or range. Design a planogram that maximizes space within your Smart Fridge.

SignifiVISION™ software platform

Signifi’s proprietary, cloud-based software platform saves time and helps you harness your operational data — giving you a double strategic advantage. Keep reading to learn more.
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SignifiVISION™ Our Platform

Real-time analytics and command centre to empower your decision making
• Robust API library for custom integrations
• Manage your inventory with real-time data by location, region or global
• Visibility to trends and top used items
• Configurable alerts for proactive monitoring.
• Advertising management with content approval.
• Role-based administration for maximum security.
• Portal used to manage and set restrictions and limitations on purchases.
• Scheduled reporting with transactional detail, visibility to department and employee usage
• ITSM integration via ServiceNow, Remedy, and others
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