Vertical Storage

to Maximize your Floor Space


Premium Floorspace Deserves a Premium Solution

Orbitor increases efficiency, reduces injury rates, and saves time. Orbitor is a retail solution that dispenses products while replacing 1,000 square feet of prime retail real estate.
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Vertical Vending Taken to New Heights

Maximize vertical storage

Installing the Orbitor on your retail floor will help you maximize your vertical storage space, and save time retrieving large products. The Signifi Orbitor is a self-contained automated rotating rack that stores and retrieves items at ergonomically perfect heights.

Best in ergonomics

Orbitor reduces injury rates, and saves time. The Signifi Orbitor is a self-contained, automated rotating rack that stores and retrieves items at a comfortable height. It's faster than a forklift and safer than a ladder. Orbitor is a self-serve option for your staff and customers to securely vend large objects with ease.

Say goodbye to bending over

Say goodbye to bending over or stretching for products from a high shelf. With the Signifi Orbitor, all you have to do is touch the screen and products are delivered at ergonomically perfect height. It’s efficient, too-saving you time and money

Vertical Vending

Whether storing products directly in the carrier, using standard storage containers, or application-specific containers and bins, the Orbitors’s flexible carrier design can be optimized to best utilize the available cubic feet within the carousel.

SignifiVISION™ Our Platform

Real-time analytics and command centre to empower your decision making
• Robust API library for custom integrations
• Manage your inventory with real-time data by location, region or global
• Visibility to trends and top used items
• Configurable alerts for proactive monitoring.
• Advertising management with content approval.
• Role-based administration for maximum security.
• Portal used to manage and set restrictions and limitations on purchases.
• Scheduled reporting with transactional detail, visibility to department and employee usage
• ITSM integration via ServiceNow, Remedy, and others
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