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Asset Management

High Density locker clear door_new 1-2

High-density lockers and smart drawers for full control of Scanners and other employee assets.

Managing check-in and check-out of devices, ensuring that the units are charged, and keeping track of repairs is time-consuming and challenging.

Signifi’s asset management solutions are thoughtfully engineered to integrate seamlessly into retailers' daily store and warehouse processes.

Smart Asset Locker

Minimize loss, theft, and unauthorized use through end-to-end chain of custody and access control.


  • Heavy-duty construction built for easy serviceability

  • Variety of form factors to maximize space utilization from drawer configuration to high-density lockers and double-sided small footprint unit.

  • Customize and scale as needed with modular locker options, allowing for easy expansion or configuration.

  • Integrated charging capability in each locker compartment regardless of the brand of your devices, from Zebra, Honeywell, Symbol to Motorola and others.

  • Multiple authentication options, including PIN code, RFID corporate card, federal government PIV, QR code, and NFC.

  • Solid-state control panel with Intel processor and premium 15” ELO touchscreen for enhanced user experience and messaging to staff.

  • Optional LED lights with software logic to light up compartments in different colors, giving managers visual cues on the state of the devices.

  • Optional UV lights to sanitize the equipment between uses
Inside view of a single compartment

High Density - Small Footprint

32 Compartments
Double-sided 64 compartments
High Density locker clear door_new 2
Clear door lockers with 64 compartments


Secure cloud-based platform for real-time management

Our powerful and secure software platform automates the way you track and protect your valuable assets while empowering your employees. Enable faster shift starts and create efficiencies with frictionless grab-and-go workflow for employees. Prevent tool hoarding and idle tools by promoting responsible usage.
  • Gain actionable insights from asset utilization by shift, users, and location for enhanced resource planning.

  • Automatically trigger reports and alerts to stakeholders.

  • Multiple workflows out of the box including identifying devices that need repair.

  • Ensure security and compliance by addressing internal policies and industry-specific regulations with detailed usage logs.

  • Business intelligence and data reporting to optimize operations.

Productivity, Powered by SignifiVISION™

The convenience and ability to track and limit dispersed items to an individual using RFID, PIV or an individually assigned PIN acces code provides further insight and control over this unattended workflow.

Real-Time Tracking for Tool Replacement and Resource Deployment
Empower employees with real-time asset tracking and assist managers in planning resource deployment efficiently.
Signifi’s Cloud-Enabled Digital Tracking for Real-Time Intelligence
Specializing in inventory control systems, we adapt to your employees' needs and provide remote inventory monitoring 24/7. Access your inventory requirements anytime through our online web portal, and let our smart vending machines handle your tool availability and tracking concerns.
Streamline Production and Eliminate Downtime
Maintain production continuity and avoid unplanned downtime or inefficiencies with our smart lockers, vending, and smart drawers ensuring 24/7 access to necessary tools and devices for your workforce.
Maximize Productivity: Keep Your Workforce on Profitable Activities
Save time and money by providing quick access to essential tools and devices enhancing productivity.
Establish Ownership, Accountability, and Chain of Custody
Prevent unnecessary losses with SignifiVISION’s realtime asset tracking and chain of custody reports
Retail Require Efficient Equipment Supply Management
Support operational efficiency initiatives, creating an organized, safe, and clutter-free environment that optimizes productivity.
Reduce Repairs and Enhance Accountability
Our reverse vending systems facilitate periodic tool collection for scheduled maintenance and preemptive repairs, ensuring timely replacement of faulty tools or hardware.
SIGNIFIVISION™: Track Ownership, Equipment Utilization, and Condition
The SignfiVISION platform prevents equipment hoarding and idle tools by promoting responsible usage. Generate valuable insights on tool status, availability, and automatically trigger reports to stakeholders. Establish ownership, accountability, and chain of custody for your assets, helping your organization reduce waste and optimize productivity.

The Signifi Advantage

We have worked closely with our retail customers to understand their challenges and have developed solutions that increase efficiency and reduce costs. We are agile and innovative.


Signifi’s unique combination of software, electronics & mechanical engineering expertise allows it to build.


Signifi designs its solutions to provide maximum flexibility both from a hardware, firmware and software perspective to meet the demands of a constantly changing retail landscape.

Enterprise level platform

The SIGNIFIVISION™ platform is secure, powerful and continuously evolving to handle new use cases as our customers needs evolve. We have a deep directory of API’s for integrations.

Global logistics and support

We support you 24/7 with proactive remote monitoring. Global end-to-end delivery and installation and on-site support. ManufacturingWe manufacture in Canada, USA and U.K.

Security & Certifications

Signifi solutions holds globally recognized certifications in data security and compliance, including SOCII Type 2 . Our hardware solutions are UL, CSA, CE and IECEE CB Scheme to cover global certification requirements, providing customers confidence in the reliability and quality of our solutions.

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