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Discover the preferred choice of Canadian-made smart lockers that offer a convenient and secure parcel management solution appreciated by corporations and loved by residents. Find out how Signifi Solutions’ unique approach and advanced smart locker technology can benefit you today.


  • 25% Hours Saved: Our residential locker solutions save property managers up to 25% a week of staff time processing incoming courier deliveries.
  • 83% ROI after 5 years: Based on an average daily parcel volume of 18 deliveries per 100 units and a low average of 5 minutes to accept, process, and retrieve parcels by staff.
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Simply accepting and storing packages is so yesterday. And with our advanced technology, your smart locker can (and should) do so much more. By adding new services, we are installing locker capabilities your residents will love and an amenity that can generate revenue for your corporation. Signifi’s proprietary software and hardware, coupled with decades of technical and logistics experience, are helping build tomorrow’s smart locker today.



Treat yourself to the Luxury of Effortless Parcel Management 

The Real Cost Of Parcel Management

Many condominium and apartment buildings rely on concierge, security, or onsite staff to manage the barrage of incoming parcel deliveries. But have you ever stopped to think how much time (and money) is spent by staff processing the acceptance, storage, and retrieval of packages?

By using our parcel management calculator, you can estimate how much your building is spending on parcel management by staff. Just imagine how much better their time and your money could be used by installing a Signifi smart locker solution today.


More Than Just A Locker


We provide a comprehensive smart locker solution that combines top-notch hardware and intelligent software. Our user-friendly proprietary Vision software simplifies drop-offs and pickups, while monitoring and managing all smart lockers in our network. Our proven solution includes features like multilingual support, PIEPEDA compliance, 24/7 locker monitoring, a client administrative portal, automated resident lookups, visual and auditory user prompts, auto recipient matching with a courier scan, simple "scan & go" drop-offs and pickups, and integration with today's most popular property management software. All of our software solutions are developed and operated in North America.


Our lockers are meticulously designed and engineered in Canada to meet the highest standards of security, intelligence, and configurability. Our lockers only require an internet connection and standard 110V outlet and boast the following key features:  CRA certification, ADA & 508 compliance, video surveillance, full slot parcel sensors, six different slot sizes, a wide range of paint colors, modular and expandable design, robust steel construction for enhanced security, an industrial-grade touch screen computer, backup power and remote power switch.

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Boards, Builders & Managers Choose Signifi

Our purpose is to transform parcel logistics through the smart use of technology. And when it comes to residential buildings and communities, we’ve tackled the difficult challenges allowing you to enjoy:

  • 24/7 parcel accessibility
  • No lost or stolen parcels
  • Quick, contactless pickups
  • 100% package delivery rates
  • Giving residents an amenity they will LOVE!
  • Reducing staff time to manage package deliveries
  • New resident centric locker services with revenue sharing opportunities


From outbound shipping to key exchange to food delivery (and more to come), residents will not know how they lived without a Signifi Smart Locker!


Superior 24/7 Support

We offer locally based, comprehensive support packages with every residential smart locker we install which includes courier liaison, extended warranty, on-site service repair, preventative maintenance, camera surveillance monitoring, bilingual 1-800 and email support, locker & cloud software with regular updates.

Signifi’s VISION is a flexible, powerful software platform

A Command Center to empower your decision-making
  • Offers a Robust API library for custom integrations

  • Lets you manage your inventory and monitor transactions with real-time data by location, region or global 

  • Tells you which are your most-used items with trend reporting

  • Enables you with customized alerts for proactive monitoring

  • Facilitates Advertising management with content approval

  • Role-based administration for maximum security

  • Helps you to set restrictions and limits on purchases

  • Scheduled reporting with transactional detail

  • Integrates with IT Asset Management applications (ITSM workflows) via ServiceNow, Remedy, and many others
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