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Our Team

Shamira Jaffer

 Founder & President

Shamira is a spirited entrepreneur. An early champion of self-serve retail, she has been a leader and innovator in the kiosk industry for over a decade. Shamira inherited her strong entrepreneurial spirit and interest in international business through her family. These influences are at the core of Shamira’s drive as a successful innovator that can be seen in the strength of the organizations she has built through the years.

Phone: 1-877-744-6434

Kannan Thiruvelanga

 SVP, Manufacturing

Kannan’s executive-level experience in the Automotive and EMS industries has touched down in Canada, USA, Mexico, India and China, primarily pioneering the hardware manufacturing wizardry behind the explosive telecom industry. He brings this momentum, innovative mindset and disciplined process and quality focus to Signifi’s manufacturing operations, deftly merging external resources with internal experts and building product knowledge to ensure market-leading robotics with intuitive sensitivity of end-user requirements.

Phone: 1-877-744-6434

David Dickson

 SVP, Finance and Project Management 

Sound, successful and sustainable business partnerships are rooted in the key principles that David brings to bear at Signifi. Along with a healthy dose of passion and perseverance, these fundamentals drive him to formulate win-win solutions as a financial and project management leader. His background of performance management within dynamic, competitive organizations spans 14 years with such industry titans as Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and Pepsi and produced an in-depth understanding of corporate, retail and B2B environments. From market research and empirical analysis through insightful strategy and smart implementation to revenue building and cost management, David’s influence and leadership make an integral impact on Signifi's success.

Phone: 1-877-744-6434

Gino Tomaro

Strategic Sales

Gino has 17 years retail experience as an owner and operator of several successful clothing stores.
Gino believes his degree in architectural technology gives him value-added insight in combining logistics with aesthetics to conceive of the best possible solutions for Automated Retail clients.

One of Gino’s roles is to ensure every Spot Shop seamlessly integrates within our clients retail
or commercial environment, while still standing out and creating customer intrigue.

Phone: 416-722-2260

Tom Hall

VP, Business Development

An accomplished executive with over 15 years of project management, technology development, sales and marketing experience, Tom understands technology and the media business intimately. His history of achievement in the early days of online branding and email marketing combined with sales leadership pushed him to the forefront of business development initiatives for Signifi.

Phone: 1-877-744-6434

Shaun Hunte

VP, Marketing & Strategic Sales

Shaun has a diverse background in finance, marketing and entrepreneurship. In this role, he has responsibility for stewardship of the Signifi brand, image, as well as the company’s emerging products. Shaun leads the creation of new marketing initiatives, product branding, creative expressions, advertising, and key business partnerships.

Phone: 203-309-7632

Razvan Anghelidi

Director, Software Development

Razvan’s IT career spans two decades and two continents. Upon completing his BSc in Romania, he undertook progressively challenging assignments in software development, systems programming and network administration. After moving to Canada, he led a team of internal and outsourced QA specialists at a system integrator and software development company. Razvan has been a significant force with Signifi working closely with the Sales and Development teams as a Business Analyst.

Phone: 1-877-744-6434

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