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SignifiVISION™ simplifies everything


The Secure Platform with Extra IQ


SignifiVISION™ Platform gives you control & visibility to all your devices in the field, leaving you with more time to focus on what matters.

Manage every aspect of your kiosks through our intuitive web interface. Change prices, user rights, schedule content updates, and even remotely access your kiosk to support local staff. Using advanced AI techniques and machine learning technology monitor every aspect of traffic and user input. Initialized with powerful analytics to help optimize your operations, merchandising, and forecast sales.
SignifiVISION™ is a comprehensive, cloud-based kiosk management system that will reduce your costs and increase the efficiency of your operations. With advanced analytics to help you optimize your IT Asset Management, merchandising and forecasting, SignifiVISION™ is designed to take some of the strain off your IT department. Don‘t waste time on low-quality requests from employees and instead provide them with a self-service workflow to get their problems resolved quickly.
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A Robust Software Platform


A Marketing Powerhouse

We recognize harnessing the power of social media, integrated marketing campaigns, promos, coupons and more. Mine your user data and use that information to make better-informed marketing decisions.

Get more from each kiosk with Alerts

Get more from your kiosks without even being there. With alerts, you can monitor any event from stock, unit health to suspicious transactions and get them resolved before they become a problem. Keep your kiosks at the top of their game.

Kiosk management at your fingertips

SignifiVISION™ platform is the best way to manage every aspect of your kiosks. Sign up today for unlimited 24-hour access to your web-based administered dashboard from anywhere in the world. Manage prices, content, access, and more with a simple interface that supports advanced analytics and machine learning technology. Elevate the level of service your IT department provides to your organization with self-service workflows for employees.

Integrated to your operations

All development is done onsite by our world-class development team. PCI compliant for unattended payments.

Security is a Top Priority

The security and compliance standards of multinational companies are increasingly rigorous to stay compliant. It’s not just about storing your data in the cloud—it’s also about keeping it safe from cyberattacks. With SignifiVISION™, security and compliance requirements are our top priority.

Enterprise Software Made for You

Custom integration with third-party EPR systems, e-commerce platforms, payment systems and hardware peripherals.

A Massive API Library

Integrate our ever-growing API library that covers everything from inventory management, product catalogue, reservation, and reporting.

One Platform Across All Applications


Retail BOPIS


Retail Vending


I.T. Asset Management




AI & Machine Learning

Advanced AI and Machine learning, Facial Recognition, Crowd Analysis, Voice Control & more.

Content Management

Control and manage every aspect of your automated retail kiosk with state-of-the-art content management through simple UI. Allow simple coupons or run complex sales promotions integrated with social media online sales.


Industry-leading uptime guaranteed to meet the highest standards.

Digital Signage

Display video & motion graphics in passive advertising mode or controlled by face recognition and crowd analysis to attract customers.

Retail-Time Dashboard

Get visibility of your entire network from our web-based dashboard. Identify usage trends, customer behavior, product turn-over, and other views that help you make informed decisions.

Demand Forecasting

Forecast the future and be ready for any eventuality with detailed industry-leading sales forecasting.

Advanced Merchandising

Easy, fail-safe merchandising. Height and lane information can be changed in minutes for planogram changes. Never a need for special packaging, even when you have odd-shaped products.

Traffic Monitoring

Using advanced AI techniques and machine learning technology monitor every aspect of traffic in your retail kiosks vicinity.


Industry-leading analytics provides details on everything from sales to merchandising.

SIGNIFIVISION™ for I.T. Asset Management

Loaner Devices

Employees essentially ‘rent’ items

Pick-up & Drop-off:

Turn-in defective devices for repairs by Service Desk from the lockers for a defined period

New Device / Swap:

Swap out current items that employee has with one that Service Desk places into the locker

Technical Drop-off:

Allows the auto-generation of service orders directly though the UI without going through the portal


Safe and easy return of any device that the employee needs to return


Assigns a cabinet as the type ITAD, modifying it into a dump for mass disposal of items later to be retrieved

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One Platform to Drive Results


Product Management

• SKUs, Descriptions, Images, Pricing, metadata
• Categories

Order Management

• ITSM: Service Orders (B/F, Loan, Asset Disposal)
• Retail: Sales of Products
• BOPIS: Pickup Orders
• Co-Working: Check-in / Check-out

Kiosk & Locker Management

• Profiles, Groups
• Kiosk metadata
• Planogram view layout of kiosk
• View video recordings

User Management

• Default roles: Admin and Support
• Default roles: Admin and Support


• Inventory
• Transactions
• Item Sales
• Service/Pickup Orders

Rethink What Smart Vending Can Do

Stay Productive

• Drive efficiency by integrating with our platform through our RESTful API and eliminate the “swivel seating”
• Self-service workflows for your employees to reduce the strain from your already stretched thin IT departments

Stay Secure

• We take security seriously and rest assured whether it is data at rest or in transit it is encrypted
• If you choose to store further data, we can tokenize key data elements for an added layer of security
• 2FA (factor) and multiple authentication methods supported such as proximity cards, 2D/3D barcodes, LDAP/AD, one-time use PIN codes

Choose Your Hosting

• Cloud or on-premises with different available up-time, redundancy, fail over

Be More Insightful

• Vending: Know the who, what, when, how, and where
• BOPIS (Buy Online & Pick-Up In-Store) / Click to Collect: Dwell time, expired orders, utilization, number of orders and more
• ITAM: Number of tickets and requests by type

Enhance your CX

• Intuitive and simple to use UI (User Interfaces)
• Accessibility (ADA) compliant

Be Scalable

• If you are deploying a single unit or 1,000 the architecture can easily scale to meet your business and functional requirements

Centralize Your Device Management

• If you have a single kiosk or locker deployed or thousands globally, we offer one portal to manage it all
• SSO (Single Sign-On) to assist with administration of users

Customize Your UI

• From colours, to logos to verbiage we will make the software UI (user interface) “look and feel” like your brand

Monitor and Troubleshoot Remotely

• Save time but making fewer physical visits and having all the data to view