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A seamless ITAM & ITSM experience improving employee satisfaction while increasing productivity.

Employees enjoy real-time help with their I.T. issues and equipment requests. TED facilitates support for technology devices, smartphones, tablets, and laptops – while accommodating hardware replacements, technology refreshes, loaners and software upgrades. TED provides personal service and immediate access to assets through Signifi‘s smart locker system and is backed by SignifiVISION™ Platform.
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TED’s customer-centric service model cuts wait time and keeps your people productive.

Stay Connected

TED is a collaborative smart locker system that enables organizations to set up communication and service channels between end-users and IT technicians. Create a setup with a dedicated walk-up service centre or at locations where an IT technician is absent. TED offers your team the convenience of a self-dispensing and asset recovery kiosk in a central location.

Get better control over your team’s IT assets

TED provides a clear view of your IT assets on an integrated platform, so you can be confident you‘re maximizing the value of every dollar spent. Keep track of devices and get notified before it‘s too late with remote control features that help you avoid time-consuming and expensive downtime.

Be more places at once

Deliver IT support to all your users, regardless of the location. Stay productive and maintain a responsive operation by delivering IT support to multiple locations with TED. Get back to work faster so you can focus on other priorities.

More IT Efficiency

Let employees solve more hardware problems on their own with self-dispensing kiosks from TED. It's easy to use, low-touch, and reduces downtime for the company. Lower your ticket response times while increasing your NPS scores.

Customize your ITAM solution

Ted is a fully configurable smart locker system that lets you build the ITAM solution that best meets your needs. With different modules and customizations to meet various I.T. objectives, you can customize your ITAM solution precisely to meet your needs.

No more Waiting for Help

Interation with Tech Express
  • A commercial-grade Touch Screen houses the Vision User interface where the locker workflows are displayed.

  • An internal Intel NUC controls the touchscreen, locker controller, RFID/badge reader, and other peripherals.

  • When prompted, the VISION UI initiates a collaboration call.

SignifiVISION™ User Interface and Locker Control Screen

Signifi’s solution includes a video screen with a sleek frame that houses an optional built-in camera, speakers and microphone required for the client’s collaboration platform. For security reasons, the customer provides their own laptop with the video platform, Zoom Teams, Google Hangouts etc. allowing communication with their internal network. Activate a call through the control screen.

SignifiVISION™ Our Platform

Real-time analytics and command centre to empower your decision making
• Robust API library for custom integrations
• Manage your inventory with real-time data by location, region or global
• Visibility to trends and top used items
• Configurable alerts for proactive monitoring.
• Advertising management with content approval.
• Role-based administration for maximum security.
• Portal used to manage and set restrictions and limitations on purchases.
• Scheduled reporting with transactional detail, visibility to department and employee usage
• ITSM integration via ServiceNow, Remedy, and others

Accessible Solutions for All

Technology and engineering have the potential to greatly improve lives, but unfortunately, many tech solutions are not designed for people with disabilities in mind.

Signifi firmly believes in the power of technology and engineering to serve all individuals. That is why our solutions are specifically designed and powered for persons with disabilities. From audio guidance to lower chassis to accommodate individuals in wheelchairs, Signifi is committed to making the future accessible to everyone today.

Our solutions are ADA - Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliant and offers:

  • Audio feedback/prompts for the hearing impaired
  • High contrast and simplified UI for the visually impaired (larger fonts, high contrasting colors, minimal graphical distractions)
  • Braille touchpad for people with visual impairment
  • Enable bottom compartments only in lockers for easy reach when depositing or retrieving items
  • Voice prompts guide visually impaired users through the steps of vending a product using the braille touchpad
  • Supplementary physical buttons to compliment the next-gen system
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We understand that accessibility is not just a nice-to-have feature, but a necessity for equal participation and inclusion. By prioritizing accessibility in our designs, we ensure that everyone can fully benefit from the advancements in technology and enjoy the same opportunities as everyone else.
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