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Convenient and Intelligent. Customized Automated Vending

Discover how Signifi's Spark Series Brings Intelligence to Vending

Signifi's Spark series has reshaped the Retail Vending, Click-and-Collect (BOPIS), and IT Asset Management industries into an intelligent, customer-first solution. Mix and match our modules to suit your goals, location, product, and customer. Spark's high-end design and reliable elevator-based system transform your customer experience.

SignifiVISION™ cloud-based platform helps increase efficiency and productivity through remote system management, real-time reporting, analytics, and retail/e-commerce integrations. With the ability to track, monitor, and control your devices remotely, you can expedite and improve your decision-making process with a single interface. With remote management and our enterprise-level APIs, Spark is ready to handle the most complex integrations.

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Spark's Modular Units Work in Harmony


Spark Glass

The Spark Glass is our most economic unit, but you‘d be surprised what it can do. It‘s fully integrated with our cloud-based platform and houses a 10" touchscreen.

Spark Companion

Attach to the Spark Control or Spark Touch to dispense larger products with care and ease. 

Spark Touch

Designed to drive engagement and offer intelligent elevator-based vending that can accommodate stock and packing in a variety of sizes.

Spark Touch XL

A 42" HD touchscreen helps to drive engagement and enhance your customer‘s experience. This vending solution can be used to vend a wide range of products from keyboards to headphones, sweaters to books.

Spark Control

The Spark Control is designed to manage the companion and locker units. It‘s engineered for maximum versatility. Multiple units can be attached to a single Spark Control for scaling capacity, creating more flexibility in both retail and corporate applications.

Spark Flex

Spark Flex is our newest addition to the Spark Series. Ideal for one-stop vending, Spark Flex features a full-colour touch screen, various payment modules, and vending for small to medium-sized products. 

Smart Locker

Flexible Configurations with multiple compartment sizes, finishes that include transparent doors, UV lighting, refrigeration, heating, and powered compartments. Choose from a range of compartment sizes from 4”, 8”, 12”, 16”, 24” to full height.

Control Locker

Signifi‘s Control Locker is designed to be expanded in the field with minimal support. With a commercial-grade touch screen, timeless design, and lighted compartments, your customers will have a premium experience every time.

Connect with your customers in whole new ways

Spark offers the ultimate customer experience, and you‘re never more than a few clicks away from getting insightful customer data. Get rich qualitative feedback to help inform your business decisions from a touch-sensitive screen that can engage with your customers unlike anything before.

Customer-First Solutions

There‘s no one-size-fits-all solution. That‘s why we love working with clients to customize our hardware and software to meet their unique requirements. Spark is available in different sizes and configurations to create a customer-centric solution that's customized for you and your business.

SignifiVISION™ Cloud-based Platform

Keep an eye on the bottom line with SIGNIFIVISION™  cloud-based platform. It provides robust management of your hardware and our enterprise-level API can handle the most complex integrations. Have all the analytics, administration, and alerts you need.

Our Technology, Made for You

A Premium Customer Experience 


Large Product Capacity

Our coil-free vending and elevator-based system allows large products to be dispensed reliably. Because we don't use coils, your products are gently dispensed - never dropped. 

Flexible Planograms

Easily change and configure planograms on the fly for any shaped product without the need for special packaging. No tools are required to modify our flexible shelving and lanes.

Authentication & Payments

Freedom to use HID Employee Cards, PIN, Biometrics, QR, RFID Card, Payment Terminals - the choice is limitless.

Customized Exterior

There‘s no one-size-fits-all solution. That‘s why we customize Spark to match your organization’s brand and requirements to provide an interface and exterior that looks and feels familiar.

Popular Configurations

The Spark system is modular. Adding up to 30 feet of lockers or additional vending modules is a snap.
Touch XL + Lockers
Touch + Companion
Control + Companion
Touch XL + Locker + Video/Audio Screen
Touch XL + Lockers
Control + Lockers
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Automated Retail

Add-On Locker Options


Power & Networking

Keep your devices charged and connected. Our units feature internal cameras to verify every vend and transaction.


Spark can be refrigerated for use in food, grocery, and foodservice applications. Custom alerts make sure your inventory remains safe and secure.

UV and Protection

Spark series accommodates an optional UV disinfection solution in the pick-up bin to protect your customers. Additionally, our revolutionary nanocoating prevents the transmission of harmful bacteria from touch screens.
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SignifiVISION™ Our Platform

Real-time analytics and command centre to empower your decision making
• Robust API library for custom integrations
• Manage your inventory with real-time data by location, region or global
• Visibility to trends and top used items
• Configurable alerts for proactive monitoring.
• Advertising management with content approval.
• Role-based administration for maximum security.
• Portal used to manage and set restrictions and limitations on purchases.
• Scheduled reporting with transactional detail, visibility to department and employee usage
• ITSM integration via ServiceNow, Remedy, and others

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