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Global Presence
What is automated retail?

Automated retail (ART) Provides an emerging distribution channel bridging the Convenience of online experience with the instant gratification of walking away with the product upon purchase.

Automated retail is the future of self-service. Customers love the convenience of these retail vending kiosks as they can be placed in high-traffic areas such as airports, malls, campuses, and hotels. Retailers get an opportunity to generate net-new revenue and get low-cost expansion into new non-traditional venues. Brands get an opportunity to showcase and sell products and connect directly with their customers.

What happens if my product doesn’t dispense?
Kiosks are equipped with state-of-the-art laser sensors that ensure your product will vend. If for any reason the product is not dispensed, your credit card will not be charged.
How does a customer to return a product at an automated retail store?
The majority of our clients require their customers to return products at their other retail locations. Where the retailer does not have other retail locations, has unique solutions that take back products right at the automated retail location. Clients can contact customer service by phone or email, they will be provided a code. The customer can enter this code at the kiosk to open the dispensing gate. Once the item is checked by the merchandiser, the credit can be processed.
What are the options for customer receipts?
You may offer your clients printed receipts or provide them the environmentally friendly options of receiving receipts via email or texts … giving you the opportunity to collect valuable customer data.
What type of products can be sold from these machines?
Signifi’s has several hardware product lines and between these solutions can handle most weight, shapes and sizes of products (including temperature sensitive items). Dispense everything from cosmetics, jewelry to cupcakes. Call us to learn more
What payment options are there?
The Signifi Automated Vending kiosks can accept several different methods of payment. Some of these options include Pay Pal, mobile payments, RFID pay-by-phone, google wallets, reward or gift cards, debit card, loyalty card, student and employee ID badges.
What options are available to customize the retail solution for our brand?
Signifi’s marketing and design teams will take the time to understand your brand goals and work collaboratively with you to bring your vision to life. we can take the branding to a new level, we can let you recreate the storyboard completely to incorporate any brand elements or processes that are unique to your company.
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