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Automated, self-serve IT asset management platforms - Now customized for Public Sector and Governments

Signifi partners with various public sector organizations to address modern challenges such as just in time (JIT) issues, warehousing problems, and demand fulfillment roadblocks that hamper the ability for municipal, state, and federal agencies to operate in an optimized fashion.

Workers that were once solely in an office environment are now working remotely. The common statistic we hear is that in some instances, 25% or less work in office and 75% work remotely. Access to IT services and support is limited and implementing a self-serve option is needed to bridge the gap.

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Continuing our journey to bring Significance to the world by powering convenience for organizations and measurable results
Signifi has identified the need for and created a secure IT asset management and vending solution for the public sector. This includes ADA-focused hardware and software. On-premise reactive solutions are difficult to manage and have low growth potential. Support for this type of implementation is limited and very difficult to manage. Signifi implements a proactive, fully managed solution. SignifiVISION™ SaaS solution is offered through a secure public cloud hosting environment. Using a simple connection, this solution solves a time-wasting and costly issue for public sector IT departments and provides an automated solution for employees and on-site visitors.

Using a simple connection, this solution solves a time-wasting and costly issue for public sector IT departments and provides an automated solution for employees and on-site visitors.

When implemented correctly automated IT Asset Management provides significant value and tangible improvements including:


Smart Lockers



  • Security and traceability of IT assets

  • Productivity by limiting end-user downtime

  • Tracking of IT peripheral spend

  • Data-driven decisions around procurement

  • IT labor spent on peripheral-related service issues


When vending is added to the mix, the program expands to include peripheral device access. 

The convenience and ability to track and limit dispersed items to an individual using RFID, PIV or an individually asigned PIN acces code provides further insight and control over this unattended workflow.

Use Cases

Device break/fix
Device Refresh
Loaner Repository
Device charging & updating
New employee onboarding
Device storage
Temporary storage for peripherals
Peripheral deployment (vending)

SignifiVISION™ is a flexible, powerful software platform

A Command Center to empower your decision-making
  • Offers a Robust API library for custom integrations

  • Lets you manage your inventory and monitor transactions with real-time data by location, region or global 

  • Tells you which are your most-used items with trend reporting

  • Enables you with customized alerts for proactive monitoring

  • Facilitates Advertising management with content approval

  • Role-based administration for maximum security

  • Helps you to set restrictions and limits on purchases

  • Scheduled reporting with transactional detail

  • Integrates with IT Asset Management applications (ITSM workflows) via ServiceNow, Remedy, and many others

Configuration / Scalability

 Locker configurability and commercially available options make sizing for different devices and use cases fast and cost-effective. Control lockers provide easy to use touch screens with a configurable and object-oriented UI/UX, and changes to the display are easy and updated within seconds. Add-on lockers provide scalability and can extend to accommodate as many locker compartments as required per site.
Control Locker
control locker2-8
Addon Lockers
addon lockers-8

TED - Tech Express Desk 

Also available in the locker category are the Signifi TED Express Desk family of products. Many large and small facilities are implementing workstation and tech café style areas. Our TED solution provides locker compartments for break-fix scenarios and like our traditional lockers can be easily extended to provide compartments for storing items, onboarding activities and guest-related scenarios.
ted sd-8
ted desk-8

Internal Locker Components

Signifi provides flexibility when it comes to internal locker components and doors. Along with different sizes of locker compartments, in many cases, add-ons such as internal power, ethernet jacks and ventilation is required.

ADA / Accessibility

Signifi has worked with several large clients to develop a unique Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) elevator and dispensing compartment specifically built to raise the vended item to the opening level automatically. People interfacing with the machine that have issues with bending can retrieve the vended item easily.
We have optional braille panels, audible feedback, and supplementary physical buttons to compliment the next-gen system. The Touchscreen's User Interface can also shift downward at the touch of a button.

Global Services

Our team deploys and supports hundreds of units around the world. Signifi works with global partners to provide end-to-end management, including project planning, design services, logistics, merchandising, location finding, remote and on-site support.

002-global-services24/7 Global Technical Support

003-managementReplenishment & Management

004-truckLocation Services, Logistics, White Glove & Deployment

001-logisticsImporter of Record

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