Food Lockers
Done Right

For Pickup and Delivery


Faster, On-Demand, and Contactless Self-Service for Foodservice

Signifi's Smart Food Lockers provide a new level of service for customers and staff. Signifi Smart Food Lockers feature Signifi's VISION platform, making food and delivery order pick up even faster, more accurate, and efficient. Our two-sided lockers offer the best solution for keeping your food at the optimal (and safe) temperature. Reduce congestion in waiting areas to help increase customers' and staff's confidence and minimize human-to-human interactions while keeping your orders secure and eliminating mix-ups.

VISION streamlines employee workflows to optimize labour and provides data on order handoffs for a comprehensive view of your operations and your customer journey.

Temperature-Controlled, Customized, and Contactless Lockers for Restaurants, Foodservice, Takeout, and Ghost Kitchens

How it works:



Customer orders are sent directly to the restaurant or foodservice locations via food delivery application, POS, or Online Ordering System.


Employees place orders in 1 or 2-sided temperature-controlled food lockers. Food is kept at either ambient temperature or heated to ensure freshness and quality, depending on the food/beverage.


A notification is pushed to the user via mobile application, SMS, display, or email.


Customers scan their unique QR code or enter a PIN to access the locker with their specific order – no more incorrect order pickups.

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An Effortless Pickup Experience

Signifi Smart Food Lockers give you and your customers a fast, accurate, and efficient order pickup. By creating a dedicated area for take-out orders, Signifi's Smart Food Lockers eliminate bottlenecks and crowding in your FOH. Creating a contactless experience for your employees minimizes employee risk and saves your team from staffing take-out counters.

Take Control of Your Customer Reviews

Your food is kept at optimal temperatures. Signifi's Smart Food Lockers protect food freshness with thermally and tamper protected departments. Prevent orders from being picked up by the wrong customer and improve loss prevention. Each pickup is recorded and timestamped to ensure delivery integrity.

Beautifully Designed

Our locker solutions are fully customizable to suit any environment. Indoors or out, our solutions feature fully customizable exteriors, Full-HD touchscreen panels, and elegant and lighted compartments. The choice is limitless, and we work with our customers to design solutions that complement your interior design and brand. Signifi offers single-sided and dual-sided lockers, configurable compartment sizing for different packaging types and optimal use of space, UVC sanitization in locker compartments for every order, and ADA compliance for accessibility.

Optimize your Food and Delivery Order Process

Do you need to increase throughput, hit your transaction goals, and provide a better customer experience? VISION can streamline employee workflows, optimize labour, and provide real-time order tracking and data insights for detailed planning and reconciliation. Our REST APIs integrate with your POS, e-commerce and mobile applications.

Product Features

Configurable Lockers

Personalized Technology

Gasket for power wash resistance
- Configurable compartment sizes for different packaging types and optimal use of space
- Transparent or solid doors
- Lighting for each locker
- UVC Sanitization
- Single or double-sided configurations
- Secure locker compartments
- Ideal for front-of-house or back-of-house settings
- Exterior customizations for indoor and outdoor applications
- Full-HD touchscreens
- Custom UI
- Modular designs for expanding your solution in the field
- Optional AI-based analytics provide valuable customer data
- Optional side-panels for digital-out-of-home or endemic advertising

Temperature-Controlled Compartments

- We use convection heating instead of radiation, allowing the compartment to heat up to temperature much quicker.
- Each compartment can be set to up to 50 degrees Celsius.
- Keep food fresh and maintain food quality.

Our Platform

Real-time analytics and command centre to empower your decision making
• Robust API library for custom integrations
• Manage your inventory with real-time data by location, region or global
• Visibility to trends and top used items
• Configurable alerts for proactive monitoring.
• Advertising management with content approval.
• Role-based administration for maximum security.
• Portal used to manage and set restrictions and limitations on purchases.
• Scheduled reporting with transactional detail, visibility to department and employee usage
• ITSM integration via ServiceNow, Remedy, and others
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