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Signifi is Changing the Retail Industry

Signifi's modular hardware and SignifiVISION™ platform deliver custom retail solutions that deliver new sources of revenue, brand visibility, customer engagement, and operating cost reductions. The elevator-based dispensing system has sensors ensuring reliable dispensing and modular design holds a large number of SKUs with flexible lanes and shelving. We've eliminated the need for special packaging and simplified merchandising and planogram updates with no need for tools.
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The Future of Intelligent Retail is Here

Signifi is a leading global provider of robotic-based, self-service technology for the retail industry. Our experienced team of engineers develop, design, and manufacture innovative solutions for our customers including secure, automated kiosks, lockers and loss-prevention hardware. We provide an integrated software platform for the management of these technologies with comprehensive customization capabilities and a robust library of API's to integrate with pre-existing systems.

Improve your customer experience

Signifi's Retail Solutions provide an intelligent system that offers a richer, more engaging customer experience. Whether it is selling electronics or clothing, shopping becomes more interactive and uses diverse innovations like elevator-based vending and high-definition touchscreens. 
Deliver more payment options, including credit and debit cards, QR codes, swiping a phone using near field communications, and other contactless payments methods.

Enable New Business Strategies

Automated retail technology can improve customer service, streamline operations, and boost security. Automated retail solutions increase transaction size and sales volumes. Market directly to your customer through promotional offers, dynamic pricing, vouchers, coupons, and loyalty programs.


Expand your retail footprint

With Signifi, retailers can leverage smart vending to expand their physical footprint and brand awareness through a variety of different solutions. Signifi‘s in-house developed software, SignifiVISION™, manages everything seamlessly all while integrating with leading ERP and business systems.


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Which Hardware is right for you?

By combining best-in-class hardware and software, Signifi provides an unparalleled customer experience that goes well beyond the traditional vending machine or locker. Designed from day one to be flexible and scalable, Signifi offers many modules and customizations to meet your objectives.

Spark Smart Vending and Lockers

IT Asset Management, BOPIS to Smart Lockers

Spark is a vending system that provides a revolutionary, user-friendly experience designed to increase productivity and amaze your customers. The key to our success is industry-best hardware and software technology available on every model, with a touch-screen interface for ease of use. The result is a customer-centric solution that extends well beyond first impressions.

Spark Touch
Touch XL
Smart Locker Add-Ons

Elevate. Our Luxury Smart Retail Machine

Enhance your brand experience with a smart vending machine.

Getting in front of new customers is essential for growth. Elevate allows you to do just that - while also increasing brand recognition and delivering an unparalleled customer experience.


Orbitor. Premium Floorspace Deserves a Premium Solution

Orbitor adds vertical storage and vending to any retail environment.

Orbitor increases efficiency, reduces injury rates, and saves time. Orbitor is a retail solution that dispenses products while replacing 1,000 square feet of prime retail real estate. 


Our Technology, Made for You

Power & Networking
Make sure your devices are charged and connected. Connect to your devices remotely for detailed reporting.
Spark and Elevate can be refrigerated for use in food, grocery and foodservice applications. Custom alerts make sure your inventory remains safe and secure.
Indoors and Out
All our machines can be used in the most demanding environments. Your inventory is secure with heavy gauge metal, internal cameras and intelligent reporting
System Integrations
Our SIGNIFIVISION™ Platform is the heart of every solution. Integrate ITSM, ITAM, ERP, POS, Inventory, Payment and reporting into your existing systems. Our library of APIs connect with countless systems for fast and reliable integration.
Large Product Capacity
No need for special packaging. Our coil-free vending and elevator-based system makes merchandising safe and reliable.
Authentication and Payments
Freedom to use PIN, Biometrics, QR, RFID Card, Payment Terminals, the choice is limitless.
Customized Exterior
Match your organization’s brand to provide an interface and exterior that looks and feels familiar.
UV and Protection
Can be fitted with UV lights to disinfect the compartment and its contents. Our revolutionary nanocoating prevents transmission of harmful bacteria from the touch screens.
2-Way Communication & AI Vending
We offer cutting-edge 2-way video communication and AI-Based vending solutions for flexibility in how your customers interact with your smart vending hardware.

Global Services


Our team deploys and supports hundreds of units around the world. Signifi works with global partners to provide end-to-end management, including project planning, design services, logistics, merchandising, location finding, remote and on-site support.

002-global-services24/7 Global Technical Support

003-managementReplenishment & Management

004-truckLocation Services, Logistics, White Glove & Deployment

001-logisticsImporter of Record

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