IT Asset Management for Digital Workplaces


Automated, self-serve IT asset management platforms that help you meet the demands of hybrid, remote, and digital work environments — 24/7

Your IT staff should never have to travel somewhere just to hand someone a mouse.
With Signifi’s IT asset management (ITAM) solutions, you can dispense IT hardware through self-vending kiosks in convenient locations.

SIGNIFIVISION™ platform integrates with your existing software to help you gain control over your IT assets and streamline the process of tracking and managing hardware, laptops, and peripherals. SignifiVISION™ is the only ITSM solution that provides complete visibility into all assets from any device or location – enabling employees to track inventory remotely as well as manage equipment on-site for maximum efficiency.
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I.T. Asset Management Hardware Solutions


Smart Lockers

Easy-to-use smart lockers enable pickups and drop-offs of equipment; from new hires, courier services, term replacements and employees who need to swap their IT assets for loaners.

Especially useful for higher-value items that need to be checked in and out.


Smart Vending

Can dispense items of any value, whether high (tabs, phones, high-end headphones) or low (accessories, power banks, USB sticks, SIM cards). Multiple formats can be implemented - pre-authorized, rewards, purchases. Great for remote, hybrid, and hot-desk office scenarios.


TED (Tech Express Desk)

Facilitates virtual, face-to-face IT support and real-time troubleshooting while accommodating hardware replacements, technology refreshes, loaners and software upgrades.

E-waste bins

E-Waste Bins

With its sleek and contemporary design, this bin maximizes space usage effectively. Its purposeful design aims to create an inviting atmosphere while providing convenience for individuals to recycle their electronic accessories. Adherence to ADA guidelines and the use of clear labeling offers a seamless and user-friendly experience to everyone. 
key dispenser

Security Key Dispenser

Modular automated dispensing solution for non-standard objects/shapes, specifically security keys such as Yubikeys at many large corporations. The solution is flexible, able to dispense unconventional objects with 2-second easy dispense. Ergonomic design offers easy loading, auto-sort features, tracking and reporting, employee verification and many more optional features. 

Popular Asset Management Combinations

Touch XL + Locker + Video/Audio Screen
Touch + Companion
Control + Companion
Touch XL + Lockers
Control + Lockers
key dispenser-side- grey and red
Security Key Dispenser
E-waste Bin
E-waste Bin

What can you achieve with automated IT asset management platforms?


ServiceNow, Remedy and others

Keep using your current IT software management (ITSM) system. Signifi’s IT asset management systems offers integration with ServiceNow (and other ITSM systems) via RESTful APIs.


More Uptime, More Satisfied Employees

Our self-dispensing kiosks empower employees to solve more hardware problems on their own. It is easy to use, low-touch, and reduces downtime for the company.


IT Hardware Asset Vending

Get your IT assets in check with the help of our tracking, monitoring and control features. You’ll discover cost efficiencies, accrue data that informs better decision-making, and improve accountability when it comes to your hardware assets. (Less “lost” equipment.)


An Integrated Solution

Signifi’s integrated, flexible, turnkey platform is the only IT asset management solution on the market that provides complete visibility into all of your organization’s assets remotely, from any device or location.


Be More Places at Once

Provide IT Support to multiple locations and reduce downtime while driving higher productivity and improving ticket response times. Deliver better resolution results and increase the total rate of service availability for your team.

Assets Managed

Your Assets, Managed

An automated IT asset management system offers your team the convenience of a self-dispensing and asset recovery kiosk in a central location. They‘ll love the one-stop solution to their IT asset management needs.

Use cases: What can your end users do at Signifi's Tech Express Desk?

Loaner Devices

Employees can essentially “rent” items they’ll only need for a short time.

Pick-up & Drop-off:

Turn in defective devices for repairs, and pick up replacements and loaners.

Technical Drop-off:
Drop off a device for upgrade or repair at the kiosk, without having to go through a separate online portal.

Safely and conveniently return any device that a user no longer needs. 


Designate a kiosk as an IT asset disposition (ITAD) point, where users can deposit broken and obsolete devices.

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Our Technology, Made for You

Our solutions are built to be modular from the ground up. We offer custom sizes and configurations at scale. 
Power & Networking
Make sure your devices are charged and connected. Connect to your devices remotely for detailed reporting.
System Integrations
Our SignifiVISION™ Platform is the heart of every solution. Integrate ITSM, ITAM, ERP, POS, Inventory, Payment, and reporting into your existing systems. Our library of APIs connects with countless systems for fast and reliable integration.
Large Product Capacity
No need for special packaging. Our coil-free vending and elevator-based system makes merchandising safe and reliable.
Customized Exterior
Customize the exterior to match your organization’s brand identity. Provides familiar look and feel
UV and Protection
Our lockers can be fitted with UV lights to disinfect the compartment and its contents. Our revolutionary nanocoating prevents transmission of harmful bacteria from the touch screens.
2-Way Communication & AI Vending
We offer cutting-edge 2-way video communication and AI-Based vending solutions for flexibility in how your customers interact with your  hardware.
Authentication and Payments
Freedom to use PIN, Biometrics, QR, RFID Card, Payment Terminals, the choice is limitless.

Accessible Solutions for All

Technology and engineering have the potential to greatly improve lives, but unfortunately, many tech solutions are not designed for people with disabilities in mind.

Signifi firmly believes in the power of technology and engineering to serve all individuals. That is why our solutions are specifically designed and powered for persons with disabilities. From audio guidance to lower chassis to accommodate individuals in wheelchairs, Signifi is committed to making the future accessible to everyone today.

Our solutions are ADA - Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliant and offers:

  • Audio feedback/prompts for the hearing impaired
  • High contrast and simplified UI for the visually impaired (larger fonts, high contrasting colors, minimal graphical distractions)
  • Braille touchpad for people with visual impairment
  • Enable bottom compartments only in lockers for easy reach when depositing or retrieving items
  • Voice prompts guide visually impaired users through the steps of vending a product using the braille touchpad
  • Supplementary physical buttons to compliment the next-gen system
We understand that accessibility is not just a nice-to-have feature, but a necessity for equal participation and inclusion. By prioritizing accessibility in our designs, we ensure that everyone can fully benefit from the advancements in technology and enjoy the same opportunities as everyone else.


Secure cloud-based platform for real-time management

Our powerful and secure software platform automates the way you track and protect your valuable assets while empowering your employees. Enable faster shift starts and create efficiencies with frictionless grab-and-go workflow for employees. Prevent tool hoarding and idle tools by promoting responsible usage.
  • Gain actionable insights from asset utilization by shift, users, and location for enhanced resource planning.

  • Automatically trigger reports and alerts to stakeholders.

  • Multiple workflows out of the box including identifying devices that need repair.

  • Ensure security and compliance by addressing internal policies and industry-specific regulations with detailed usage logs.

  • Business intelligence and data reporting to optimize operations.

Global Services


Our team deploys and supports hundreds of units around the world. Signifi works with global partners to provide end-to-end management, including project planning, design services, logistics, merchandising, location finding, remote and on-site support.

002-global-services24/7 Global Technical Support

003-managementReplenishment & Management

004-truckLocation Services, Logistics, White Glove & Deployment

001-logisticsImporter of Record

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