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24/7 Contactless, Self-Serve  Solutions for ITAM

Signifi‘s ITAM solutions offer a self-dispensing and asset recovery kiosk in a convenient central location.

Signifi’s VISION platform integrates with your existing software to help you gain control over your IT assets and streamline the process of tracking and managing hardware, laptops, and peripherals. VISION is the only ITSM solution that provides complete visibility into all assets from any device or location – enabling employees to track inventory remotely as well as manage equipment on-site for maximum efficiency.
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What can you achieve with Automated ITAM Solutions?


Your Assets, Managed

Your IT asset management just got a whole lot easier. Now you can offer your team the convenience of a self-dispensing and asset recovery kiosk in a central location. They‘ll love the one-stop solution to their IT asset management needs.


More Uptime, More Satisfied Employees

With our self-dispensing kiosks, employees can enjoy increased self-service productivity by enabling employees to solve more hardware problems on their own. It is easy to use, low-touch, and reduces downtime for the company.


More Control for your Team

Get your IT assets in check with the help of our integrated hardware solutions. With tracking, monitoring and control features, you ‘ll be able to expedite and improve your decision-making process while realizing cost efficiencies and creating asset accountability.


An Integrated Solution

Platform-integrated kiosks offer an intelligent and cost-effective way to manage your IT assets. With the ability to track, monitor and control your devices remotely, you can expedite and improve your decision-making process with a single interface.


Be More Places at Once

Provide IT Support to multiple locations and reduce downtime while driving higher productivity and improving ticket response times. Deliver better resolution results and increase the total rate of service availability for your team.


ServiceNow, Remedy and others

Integration with ServiceNow (and other ITSM systems) via RESTful APIs


Popular Asset Management Combinations

Touch XL + Lockers
Touch + Companion
Control + Companion
Touch XL + Locker + Video/Audio Screen
Touch XL + Lockers
Control + Lockers

I.T. Asset Management Hardware Solutions


Smart Lockers

IT devices requiring Service Ticket and Authorization

• Laptops
• iPads | MiFi | Break-fix iPhones

Primary Use Cases

• Pick up and Drop-offs
• Break-fix: swap or loan (note: pre-arranged or unplanned)
• Replacements, term returns, and e-Waste
• New hire pick-ups
• Courier services
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Smart Vending

IT and non-IT peripherals with pre-Authorized to no limits, reward programs or payment

High-Value items

• Headphones | headsets | air pods
• New iPhones |  SIM cards

Low-Value items

• Wireless keyboard, mice, and webcams
• USB sticks (encrypted & non-encrypted)
• Power adapters
• Select iPad/iOS accessories (stylus pens, etc.)

Primary Use Cases

• Collect peripherals when needed
• Used in remote, hybrid, and office scenarios
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TED. Realtime Support for Realtime Results

TED (Tech Express Desk) provides users with a seamless experience and improves their satisfaction with IT while increasing the productivity of technicians. Employees enjoy real-time help with their IT issues and equipment requests.


TED facilitates support for technology devices, smartphones, tablets, and laptops – while accommodating hardware replacements, technology refreshes. loaners and software upgrades.


TED provides personal service and immediate access to assets through Signifi‘s smart locker system and is backed by Signifi‘s VISION Platform.


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Smart Lockers & End-User Support Combined

Loaner Devices

Employees essentially ‘rent’ items

Pick-up & Drop-off:

Turn-in defective devices for repairs by Service Desk from the lockers for a defined period

New Device / Swap:

Swap out current items that employee has with one that Service Desk places into the locker

Technical Drop-off:

Allows the auto-generation of service orders directly though the UI without going through the portal


Safe and easy return of any device that the employee needs to return


Assigns a cabinet as the type ITAD, modifying it into a dump for mass disposal of items later to be retrieved

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Our Technology, Made for You

Our solutions are built to be modular from the ground up. We offer custom sizes and configurations at scale. 
Power & Networking
Make sure your devices are charged and connected. Connect to your devices remotely for detailed reporting.
Spark can be refrigerated for use in food, grocery, and food service applications. Custom alerts make sure your inventory remains safe and secure.
Indoors and Out
Spark can be used in the most demanding environments. Your inventory is secure with heavy gauge metal, internal cameras, and intelligent reporting.
System Integrations
Our VISION Platform is the heart of every solution. IntegrateITSM, ITAM, ERPPOS, Inventory,Payment and reporting into your existing systems. Our library of APIs connect with countless systems for fast and reliable integration.
Large Product Capacity
No need for special packaging. Our coil-free vending and elevator-based system makes merchandising safe and reliable.
Authentication and Payments
Freedom to use PIN, Biometrics, QR, RFID Card, Payment Terminals, the choice is limitless.
Customized Exterior
Customize Spark to match your organization’s brand to provide an interface and exterior that looks and feels familiar.
UV and Protection
Spark can be fitted with UV lights to disinfect the compartment and its contents. Our revolutionary nanocoating prevents transmission of harmful bacteria from the touch screens.
2-Way Communication & AI Vending
We offer cutting-edge 2-way video communication and AI-Based vending solutions for flexibility in how your customers interact with your smart vending hardware.

Our Platform

Real-time analytics and command centre to empower your decision making
• Robust API library for custom integrations
• Manage your inventory with real-time data by location, region or global
• Visibility to trends and top used items
• Configurable alerts for proactive monitoring.
• Advertising management with content approval.
• Role-based administration for maximum security.
• Portal used to manage and set restrictions and limitations on purchases.
• Scheduled reporting with transactional detail, visibility to department and employee usage
• ITSM integration via ServiceNow, Remedy, and others
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