• Imagine you’re in a store and you’d like to do some independent product research. There’s a convenient screen with engaging and useful interactive information. You can browse, compare product options and answer questions to determine your individual needs.

    This Signifi product is not just a pretty self-serve terminal. Yes, it’s a flexible marketing and advertising medium. Yes, it is proven to enhance the browsing experience, create dynamic product awareness and target the customer at the point of decision. And, when not in use, it becomes digital signage.

    But our Guided Sales Assistant is unique in that it is a smart, interactive tool that is proven to enhance both the customers’ and the sales staffs’ experience. It is an enterprise solution created for large-scale deployments, built on Esprida’s enterprise platform with a database structure. Consistency, accuracy and real-time analytics – at your remote fingertips.
  • -  It empowers them to make better buying decisions with customized information
    -  Its intuitive interface and appealing graphics
    -  Reliable product comparison data with touchscreen interactivity
    -  Up-to-the-minute news of special promotions and new products
  • -  Customers get reliable, accurate data regardless of knowledge or experience levels of sales staff
    -  With staff focussing on closing deals, sales increase and cost of staff resources decreases
    -  Facilitates consistent in-store staff training
    -  All content and updating is managed by Signifi
    -  Functions as digital signage, running content loops when not in use
    -  Cuts down on paper, printing and shipping costs
    -  Collects valuable customer data

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