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automated retail gamer

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  • At last: An automated retail solution to delight both computer game players and the retailers who want to sell to them!

    The computer game software category has posed a dilemma for mass merchandisers ever since Asteroids and Pac Man became household names. The high cost of the discs in relation to the budgets of early-adopter gamers made these big-ticket items a target for severe shrinkage. In order to maintain this coveted category, most retailers resorted to a lock-and-key merchandising system. No one was happy.

    And now, the Gamer has arrived to deal with the issue of shrink and loss of game sales at retail. This game retail kiosk is the first commercial self-serve solution to simplify games sales, and reduce theft at retail by housing an impressive selection of games. Browsing, reviewing, and buying games has become easy and stress-free with Signifi’s trademark features of speed intuitive interface and simplicity.

    Because customers pay for the merchandise before it is dispensed, the retailer easily has control over the sale, the inventory and the profit. Hard-core gamers can sign up for email alerts of their favourite new game releases, browse and even prepay to reserve their copies online for priority pick up.

    The Gamer joins the line-up of next-generation kiosks designed, developed and manufactured in North America by Signifi. The kiosk features are consistent across their multi-model offerings: most notably a phenomenal disc capacity and fast transaction times. A game can be retrieved in about 8 seconds; a much-improved consumer experience than any other product on the market today. 
  • What Consumers Love About This Product:

    -  Great for new and used games (know exactly what used games you
       have available to sell and a fast and efficient way for your customers
       to find them.

    - Hard-core gamers can sign up for email alerts of their favourite new
      game releases, browse and even prepay to reserve their copies
      online for priority pickup

    - Ability for gamers to see new and used inventory that is available
      in the kiosk from home

    - World Class Software for an easy customer experience

    - Ability to zoom on covers, search titles, sort by release dates and
      gaming platforms 

  • signifi-gamer-consumer-benifits    What Retailers and Investors Love About This Product:

    Inventory Management Made Easy

    - The Gamer holds up to 500 products, each can be a
       different SKU
    - Load inventory without opening the unit. Eliminate theft.
    - Secure your inventory and improve the customer experience.
    - Online inventory reports provide detailed product movement:
      By customer, by SKU platform

    Increase Distribution Channels

    - Expand distribution with no additional overhead
    - Increase the reach of your brand
    - Selling through multiple channels spreads risks
    - Promote products and market upcoming releases
    - Powerful promotion engine serves as a marketing
      platform to cross-sell 
  • signifi-gamer-consumer-benifitsgamer-market
  • Electrical

    - Dedicated 110V – 120V 15 Amps circuit. The circuit cannot be
      shared with any other device.
    - Draw – 7.8 Amps for a machine with a second screen or 5.3 Amps
      without a second screen


    The internet connection can be done in the following ways in order of preference: LAN drop, LAN extension, Cable TV, DSL, Fiber Wi-Fi (802.1 b/g/n), Cell Stick

    Port Requirement

    Inbound – default port 9201 for web service, but any available port can be used:Outbound – Port 25 FTP – Port 21 SSL – Port 443 


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