• -  Easy to use and large interface allows customers to purchase the products they want
    -  Large capacity delights customers with a variety of products to choose from
    -  Allows for an immediate visual connection to products
    -  WiFi enabled kiosk
    -  Web chat with customer service
  • The latest entrant to the automated retail market, Signifi's Solo Spotshop, provides a cost effective and eye-catching way to expand the reach of your brand with breathtaking design characteristics.

    Each Solo can hold between 48 and 84 product selections or SKUs depending on size)with a maximum capacity of 1600 products, as in all our Spotshop solutions, we have flexible payment options and can integrate to POS and other payment systems. As with all our solutions, our software backend provides self-diagnostics system and custom management backend for streamlined operations and management. Statistics and critical information can be sent by remote control to your mobile phone or PC.

    With anti-vandal, lexan 10+10 security glass, external armour gauge steel, security locks, alarm, web cam option, electronic opening, low consumption LED Lighting ... the product can accommodate even the most expensive items in a secure and attractive setting. The Solo has some unique features such as the option of having electronic price displayed on each shelf that automatically updates based on weight (ie if you were selling a product whose price fluctuates by weight, or you can set the system up to offer different prices for different times of the day. Lastly the product has the ability to accept returns, a critical feature for some of our clients.

    All our SpotBoxes are custom built with high quality workmanship and can be customized to meet your specification and brand requirements Expand your reach and promote your brand with the Solo SpotShop, an elegant solution designed to promote your brand, attract an interact with your clients.
  • -  Enhance your brand with a sleek kiosk
    -  Real-time management of all machines online
    -  Fragile handling of merchandise via a soft touch robotic system that gently moves merchandise
    -  Built for a long life span with high quality manufacturing and parts
    -  Customization possible with skinning wraps and additional body kits to set you apart
    -  Marketing opportunities within the user interface, side panels, and advertising screen
    -  Integrate or develop in-store retail creative
    -  Display cabinet allows you to feature products
    -  Small – easily transportable
    -  Large capacity and flexibility of products 300 – 1600 pieces and up to 84 different SKUs
    -  Secured from theft with electronic locking mechanism and thick cladding


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