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Signifi is at the forefront of the automated retail industry providing innovative solutions to create exceptional customer experiences, expand brand presence, and increase revenues.  With an intuitive touchscreen interface and state of the art robotics, Signifi's kiosks dispense premium electronics and luxury goods, pharmaceutical products and specialty packaged foods.  By managing design, manufacturing and post installation services, Signifi is able to reduce complexity and costs for its North American and international clients.  Signifi works collaboratively with its clients providing brand building asset management services and technology solutions.


The foundation of Signifi is our people and technology

Brilliant Design Impact

  • For Retail Effectiveness.

Sophisticated Touchscreen Innovation

  • For Smart, Intuitive Interface.

True Enterprise Platform

  • Driving Content & Analytics.

Flawless service and support

  • Surpassing Customer Expectations.


About Signifi Solutions Inc.

Our goal is to develop self-service solutions that transcend traditional consumer expectations, solve today's challenges at retail and inspire tomorrow's possibilities. Since the company's inception 8 years ago, Signifi has designed solutions to deliver choice, convenience and simplicity through an engaging experience. Signifi product lines include Automated Retail Technologies and Sales Assist.

The SpotShops are intelligent, visually appealing and hold a wide array of products including perishables that require temperature control. Signifi’s Sales Assist tool is specifically built for selling complex products such as banking services and wireless products and plans; this smart interactive tool increases close ratios at store level and greatly improves the interaction between customers and sales. Sales Assist operates on different platforms including POS systems, kiosks, tablets, ipads or android.

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